97 Hz

– is a research into interdisciplinary practice that explores the relationship between video, sound, theatre and new technologies. It is a theatrical performance for a solo actor with live audio and visual performers. Loosely based on text from This Blinding Absence of Light by Tahar Ben Jelloun. the piece explores a man’s solipsistic journey in the absence of light and human contact. It takes us through the nightmarish and sublime as dreams and reality, the inner self and the outer world become increasingly indistinguishable.


A single actor on stage, out of the context of his own body, reinvents different possible lives. He becomes a live installation, immersed in a dark and sonic liquid. Time and man become variables; limits vanish and open up in turn to sensorial awareness, crisis, endurance, urge to escape, and exploration. We assist to a suspension, an inner pause, which recalls quietness and the searching for different possible truths. It is a travel that, like a wave, pushes away from personal microcosms to come back with new awareness and fullness.” Alessandro Olla

97Hz springs from research into the simultaneous use of different artistic languages: dance, sculpture, theatre, music and video. The Project examines a new kind of expressive grammar dissolving the lines between artistic disciplines.

97hz was originally developed in Cagliari, Italy and was first presented at Tropea Teatro Festival 2010, Tropea. It has also been presented at XXIX Festival Spaziomusica, Autunno Danza2011, Cagliari and Computer Arts Festival 2011, Padova.

It is performed in Italian but is currently being translated into English.

97hz is an ongoing project and we are always looking for new opportunities to show and develop it. If you are interested in booking this or contributing to its development contact us



Co-production 2010 TiconZero (Italy) + SDNA (UK)
Concept, direction and music: Alessandro Olla
Video: SDNA (Valentina Floris, Ben Foot)
Performer: Massimo Zordan
Text: Gianni Guardigli
Costumes: Salvatore Aresu
Production assistant: Roberta Serra