Hackney Central Public Art Strategy

– In 2014 the London Borough of Hackney commissioned us to develop a Public Art Strategy for the borough as part of the Hackney Central Regeneration Programme and with the aim to take a fresh approach to public art across the town centre.


The aspiration is to promote Hackney Central as a destination, inviting visitors and residents to explore the wider local economy from the high street along the Narrow Way, through to the cultural center.
The aims of this strategy are:

  • To promote connectivity by establishing a series of visual links between Hackney Central Station, Mare Street, Morning Lane, Bohemia Place and the St John’s Churchyard, which in turn will promote economic well-being.
  • To create a palette of creative innovations that complement the ongoing public realm improvements by introducing art to cultivate and strengthen a sense of place, drawing attention to local heritage and stimulating community engagement.

The strategy employs creative, cutting edge and eco-friendly technology to deliver contemporary public art that references local history and traditional craftsmanship in a dynamic and visually innovative way, using creative lighting as the main medium.
Illuminating an area creates interest. By highlighting the important details, public art can contribute to the town centre environment by
improving orientation, guiding visitors and residents through selected routes as well as growing the area’s footfall. A series of imaginative, modular interventions will reinforce Hackney’s visitor economy as one of the must-see boroughs of London, emphasizing its
importance as a hub of cutting-edge creativity, vitality and innovation.
This strategy provide the foundation for considering an ambitious Hackney Central town centre public art programme, which could include taking forward a number of lighting innovations simultaneously alongside wider cultural events and
activities. Delivering participatory and interactive lighting as part of Town Centre events could provide new ways for residents to engage and encourage residents and visitors to explore Hackney Central.

You can download the HCPA Strategy here