Imagined Collections – Ipswich Museum

– Holograms, projections, soundscapes and lighting effects transforming the museum’s Victorian Natural History Gallery. Taking audiences on a journey into a surreal world of exotic, unearthly creatures and imaginary landscapes inspired by the museum’s eclectic collection of objects and artefacts.


“A very inventive use of technology, so inspiring to experience the museum in a different way” – museum visitor



After visiting the Ipswich Museum and its stores we designed and animated quirky creatures and abstract visuals using elements from photographs of the museum’s collections the curators had shared with us.
The day of the event was spent setting up and dressing very large (and fragile!) bell jars and experimenting with lighting and projecting onto the stuffed animals and other displays while visitors looked on. In the evening over 250 visitors came to the late opening and spent a couple of hours wandering around, experiencing the museums gallery under a new ‘light’.