– is an artistic exploration of the incandescent light bulb, from its birth 130 years ago to its impending extinction.
In 2010 the incandescent light bulb became the first to fall in the politicization of energy efficiency and ‘the war on global warming’. After its short 130 years of existence, the incandescent bulb was no longer tolerated within Europe, Canada, and soon the United States.
Incandescent was presented at the Athenaeum, above the empty Pilgrim Pub in Sunderland, as part of  AV Festival 2010

The Athenaeum is where, during a lecture in 1846, the inventor of the incandescent light bulb, Sir Joseph Wilson Swan attended a lecture by physicist W Richardson that inspired him to invent the light bulb.

The interactive installation consists of 100, 100watt light-bulbs forming a giant pulsating creature. The creature attempts to defend a fragile cargo at its heart by emitting sequences of light in response to the visitors movement. If provoked a dramatic event unfolds and the moment is captured and then projected onto the walls in a sequence with those previously recorded.

The installation was constructed using the Arduino open-source electronics prototyping platform.

It was kindly supported by Sunniside Partnership, One NorthEast, Sunderland City Council, Sunderland arc and HCA.