‘Craft and Graft’ at The Francis Crick Institute

A series of documentary films following in microscopic detail, the brilliant and specialist work of technicians and specialists working round the clock to enable the latest biomedical innovations.

The Francis Crick Institute commissioned SDNA to create a series of documentary films and portraits – depicting the routine yet fascinating specialist work carried out daily by Crick technicians and specialists. These films play a central role in the exhibition “Craft and Graft”, capturing in intimate detail, the atmosphere and unique quality of technicians’ individual and collaborative work and explore how their methods enable the vital and urgent scientific research required to transform our health and our lives. The films take the visitor behind the scenes of Europe’s biggest research laboratory, introduce them to the fly breeders, laser guiders and cell growers amongst others, and share the astonishing methods behind the latest biomedical advances. The “Craft and Graft” exhibition is on until 8 February 2020.