Creaturae Aquae

– a real–world interactive installation inspired by the quirky collections of the Victorians.

Commissioned by DanceFest in 2011, Creaturae Aquae was originally created to compliment 12 Moves and inspired by eighteenth century Collectors who would entertain themselves by trapping, pinning, pressing and stuffing the creatures around them. Sometimes they would create new creatures, patched together from the parts of numerous animals, and these collections would be brought together and proudly displayed in Cabinets of Curiosity.
SDNA recreated these Cabinets of Curiosity and replaced the stuffed animals with fantastic digital creatures extraordinary imaginary beings living by water fonts, lakes and rivers.Visitors are encouraged to interact with the trapped creatures and end their imprisonment. When released, the creature will express its gratitude by performing an amusing dance.

There are six Creaturae Aquae:

Flumine Nympha (Deep River Nymph)
Creatura Aquae Vivae (Spring Water Creature)
Sanguine Tincta Creatura Aquae (Blood Tinged Water Creature)
Spectro Aqua Somniculosus (Sleepy Water Spright)
Nympha Aquam Vertex (Strong Current Water Nymph)
Spectro Sub Aqua (Under Water Spright )

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