Ron Arad’s Curtain Call

Critically acclaimed and unique visuals created for artists including Steven Isserlis and The London Contemporary Orchestra for Ron Arad’s Curtain Call – a 360° interactive installation.

‘There’s a video collective called SDNA without whom this project would be on its knees still. SDNA have assisted and advised half the artists on the rostra. SDNA have been working alongside Javier Mariscal, Christian Marclay, Steven Isserlis, and Hussein Chalayan, to name but a few. Their expertise in everything from camerawork to this kind of unique post production has made the process a thousand times easier.’  Associate Producer Tim Wilson

In August 2011 Internationally renowned artist, architect and designer, Ron Arad invited his favourite musicians and friends to create unique works for Curtain Call, his 360° interactive installation made of 5,600 silicon rods, suspended from a 18 metre diameter ring – a canvas for films, live performance and audience interaction.
Alongside creating visuals for the concerts and our critically acclaimed artwork Waking Dream, SDNA worked closely with Ron Arad, the Roundhouse and technical partners Blitz Communications to guide other artists through the process of producing work for this cutting edge system.
Curtain Call recently renamed ‘720 Degrees’ was presented at the Isamu Noguchi garden of the Israel Museum, Jerusalem in 2012, at the Singapore International Festival of Arts in 2016 and back at the Roundhouse in the same year.