Hackney Revealed

A vibrant free arts festival showcasing dynamic light-based art installations, celebrating local communities and promoting inclusivity. 

Taking place in November and December 2022, Hackney Revealed featured dynamic and visually innovative light based public art installations in a vibrant art trail across central London Borough of Hackney. Supported by Hackney Council and Arts Council England, this festival was created by SDNA in collaboration with local residents, community groups, organizations and artists.

With 46 artists working in digital & visual arts, craft, music and performance, 8 local community organisations including schools, community groups, venues and local services, and 9 local businesses, Hackney Revealed brought the streets of Hackney Central to life, celebrating its diverse local communities and championing both local history and contemporary culture.

The project’s main objective was to co-create a high quality, inclusive arts festival with and for local communities and artists in Hackney Central, increasing participation in the arts for residents and strengthening Hackney Central’s identity as a safe, creative and inclusive area. In the lead-up to the festival itself, 33 creative workshops with local residents and community groups took place, culminating in 15 new high quality light-based art installations across numerous sites and scales, including historic buildings, shop windows and local businesses.