Mapping Lives

An exhibition of interactive audio-visual works celebrating the fascinating life stories and journeys of the community living in and around Christ Church in Clapham.

SDNA were commissioned by Christ Church to curate and produce Mapping Lives – an interactive exhibition of photographic, moving image, digital and textual artworks, sharing the fascinating stories and history of the residents, from Windrush to the present day. Mapping Lives is the showcase of the Cultural Connections creative community engagement programme, designed to bring together residents, preserve the area’s unique heritage for future generations and celebrate the church’s reputation as a place of sanctuary and refuge. Over several months SDNA collaborated with a team of artists and writers including Emma Filtness, Clare Moloney, Rob Turner and Mikey Weinkove to uncover community stories and reveal the locale’s unique identity. The focal point of the exhibition is a large scale interactive map presenting the personal stories and memories of local residents, and charting the journeys, both physical and spiritual, that connect people and place. Following the exhibition, the map will be installed permanently in the church’s new Learning Centre.