Moving windows @ CourtX

A site responsive permanent moving image installation

CourtX is home to international tournament-standard tennis courts, eateries and an innovative arts programme. As part of this programme, we created a site-specific installation that illuminates the 10-metre windows on the ground floor of the Pavilion. At dusk, the blinds lower automatically, transforming the windows into a canvas for a captivating array of moving images. These images include the Moon and Chrysaora Plocamia jellyfish, Glasswing butterflies, Honey bees, animated flowers, and, of course, tennis balls.

The extreme magnification enables viewers to fully appreciate the mesmerising movements of the jellyfish, butterflies and bees, and observe their beautiful structures, which are enhanced by the digital manipulation of the sequences.

The animations interact with the architecture of the Pavilion, altering our perception of space and orientation.
The creation of the installations was supported by marine biologist Ruth Chamberlain from Project Jellyfish and Christine Taylor, the curator of Natural History at Cumberland House Natural History Museum in Portsmouth, and art consultant Natasja Jozsa from Fine Line Art.The artworks were completed in the studio, using mapping techniques and visual effects to digitally enhance their natural beauty.