Outwitting Cancer

A series of 8 films and an immersive installation that explored the big questions, hopes and challenges that drive the Crick’s remarkable scientists to try and outsmart cancer.

Commissioned by the Crick Institute, we produced eight films and Micro Cosmos and a fully immersive audio-visual installation.
The films capture conversations between cancer researchers, patients and those with personal perspectives on the disease.
The centre piece of the exhibition was Micro Cosmos, a mesmerising audio-visual installation that video-mapped kaleidoscopic animations including rare microscopy onto a complex structure. Micro Cosmos took visitors on a voyage of discovery into the human cell, and provided a fascinating insight into the complex, feared and often misunderstood disease.
The online version of the exhibition is viewable here

Curator Yasmin Khan / Exhibition Design Studio Prelude / Music Composition Mira Calix / Sound Design Sound Intermedia / Structural Engineer Toby Mclean / Fabrication and Install MER / Photography Fiona Henson