Sonic Rebound

A live audio-visual extravaganza in collaboration with the World Jazz Ensemble of England and young Hackney residents.

Sonic Rebound was led by SDNA in partnership with virtuoso musicians Orphy Robinson and Rowland Sutherland. Using Hackney’s rich cultural heritage as inspiration, young people from Hackney composed new music combining Caribbean, Turkish, Indian, African, Balkan and Jewish musical influences, and created innovative visuals to illustrate the compositions. These were showcased at Sonic Rebound – a concert programme held at The Round Chapel in Hackney, which also premiered new compositions by Rowland Sutherland and Orphy Robinson.

The World Jazz Ensemble of England is a group of established soloists and emerging musicians including Rowland Sutherland on Flute, Orphy Robinson on Electronics, Kate Shortt on Cello, Jessica Lauren on Keyboard, Beibei Wang on Xylosynth and Percussion, Alec Dankworth on Double Bass, Cosimo Keita Cadore on Drum Kit and guest Kayman Aldis on Trumpet. Sonic Rebound is available for bookings. Please email us for more details.

The project was originally supported by PRS for Music Foundation and Discover Young Hackney.