Explored the global issue of youth homelessness
through the philosophy of football.

‘Yearningly beautiful and moving’ – Lyn Gardner, The Guardian ****

You can be born in a winning team, with good parents, that coach you, cheer for you. Or you can be born in a losing team: you might be good at playing the game but no one is there to explain the rules, to cheer for you.

SDNA designed the video elements for the theatre production Turfed – taking inspiration from the double meaning of the title – the turf of a football pitch and what it is to be turfed out of home. Directed by Renato Rocha, Turfed was performed by a cast of young artists — some of whom experienced homelessness in London, Tanzania, the Philippines and Brazil. Turfed used spoken word, choreography and striking visuals to shine a light on the global issue of youth homelessness and transformed the industrial hangar of Hackney Down Studios with intimate performances of passion, rebellion and hope.