Bringing fictional creatures into existence within a digital art and theatrical context.

Creature is a cross-disciplinary project we have led in collaboration with pioneering digital media artists, neuro-scientists, electronic musicians, dancers and physical performers. It examines the ways in which we can bring fictional creatures into existence within a live art and theatrical context. We have completed the research and development stage of the project which explored the ideal conditions needed for the human imagination to conjure visions of a “Creature.” We are now planning phase two: a theatrical performance utilizing the techniques and approaches discovered and tested. 

Creatures was supported by Arts Council England. Previous collaborators include: electronic musician Funki Porcini, set designer Becky Minto, interactive designer Benedict Sheehan, dramaturg Kirsty Housley, lighting designer Kathrine Williams, movement director Sarah Perry, and neuroscientific and physiological researcher Dr. Simone Ritter.