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– We are a creative studio based in London producing distinctive digital artwork using cutting edge technology.

Selected Works

A vibrant free arts festival showcasing dynamic light-based art installations, celebrating local communities and promoting inclusivity. 

CASA COMUM is an artistic research project inspired by the term 'Common Home' used in indigenous cosmovision.

An immersive installation and a series of films that explore the big questions, hopes and challenges that drive the Crick’s remarkable scientists to try and outsmart cancer.

A series of documentary films following in microscopic detail, the brilliant and specialist work of technicians and specialists working round the clock to enable the latest biomedical innovations.

An interactive audio visual installation celebrating the imagination and the achievements of humans living at the end of the Ice Age.

Audio-visual installations both unsettling and fascinating, to entice viewers into the Venom:Killer and Cure exhibition

Moving windows @ CourtX A site responsive permanent moving image installation CourtX is home to international tournament-standard tennis ...

  A six weeks residency in Basildon transforming an empty supermarket into the fantastic realm of imaginary creatures ...

Transforming the exterior of the Royal Pavilion in Brighton, using lighting, sound and video mapping.

Holograms, projections, soundscapes and lighting effects transforming the museum’s Victorian Natural History Gallery.

A quirky trail of insects, spiders and underwater creatures projected within a forest.

Bespoke animations projected onto tropical foliage for a themed VIP event.

A lighting installation for the renowned Japanese restaurant Sake no Hana, celebrating ‘Sakura’ - the traditional Japanese cherry blossom season.

An exhibition of interactive audio-visual works celebrating the fascinating life stories and journeys of the community living in and around Christ Church in Clapham.

Digital portraits and films celebrating the lives of older residents in Winchester and Corby.

Engaging long-term hospital patients with chronic conditions in a series of Virtual Reality workshops.

Animating the streets of Braam in Johannesburg, using site-specific video projections.

A workshop designed to stimulate children's imagination while acquiring skills in fine art, film making, animation and creative writing.

A magical performance celebrating that special time of day.

A multi-screen video installation inspired by the eccentric characters in Alice in Wonderland.

Critically acclaimed and unique visuals created for artists including Steven Isserlis and The London Contemporary Orchestra for Ron Arad’s Curtain Call - a 360° interactive installation. 

The biggest dance project to have ever taken place in Worcestershire. From community classes to spectacular outdoor events, 12 Moves got Worcestershire dancing.

A live audio-visual extravaganza in collaboration with the World Jazz Ensemble of England and young Hackney residents.

Evocative images inspired by the legend of Orpheus and Eurydice, taking place in the Victorian Gothic Tower Hamlets Cemetery Park.

An immersive audio visual installation inspired by Alice’s surreal experience down the rabbit hole, giving a short glimpse of the fantastic imaginary worlds of Wonderland.

A performance using dance, sound and digital media to explore vulnerability and challenge conventional representations of beauty.

A site-specific video installation exploring the fictional story of ‘Estella Wailes’ and her enduring connection to Saltwell Park.

Explored the global issue of youth homelessness through the philosophy of football.

A live audio-visual stage performance developed from meditations on paper and conceived and designed by SDNA in collaboration with Ticonzero.

An experimental collaborative project by SDNA, combining audio, video art, visual performance and live installation.

A theatrical performance exploring the relationship between video, sound, theatre and new technologies.

An artistic exploration of the incandescent light bulb, from its birth 130 years ago to its impending extinction.

Alice in Sunderland -Permanent projected artworks inspired by the White Rabbit’s pocket watch   In September 2009 SDNA ...

Hackney Central Public Art Strategy Taking a fresh and innovative approach to public art throughout Hackney Central In ...

Creaturae Aquae – a real–world interactive installation inspired by the quirky collections of the Victorians. Commissioned by DanceFest ...

World Stories: Young Voices – An exciting residency at Brighton Museum. culminating in interactive, colourful displays that integrated ...

The Dark Side of Love – an intense and atmospheric experience featuring scenes from Hamlet, Othello and Romeo ...

A journey into the silence of Thelonious Monk

The Keeper’s Gate – A mystical portal to the Enchanted Park, inviting visitors to step through the gateway, ...

A multimedia production combining dance, live music and projections.

A theatrical lecture incorporating neuroscientific research on the impact of violence on the brain and the effect of mindfulness as a potential coping strategy.